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PostSubject: I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 24, 2010 9:57 am

Hello everyone!

I just want to promote this site wherein you can have psp, macbook, ipod touch, wii, ps3, xbox360, etc for free.

More info:

New Innovative Website Offers Free Prizes for Answering Questions! is the brain child of Kathy Savvit, who was the former Vice President of and also, the former Chief Marketing Officer of American Eagle. It is funded by Liberty Media, which has shares in, QVC, and Sirius Radio.

The main purpose of is to become the main homepage on the Internet. It attempts to integrate e-commerce, social networking and media into one main website. The site has been in private beta for over a year now and it is about to be released to the public.

Currently, Lockerz is in its private beta stage and during this stage, they are testing out their functions to improve their user experience. As a reward for the users in the private beta stage, they are allowed to get prizes for free. These prizes include Macbooks, PS3s, Tvs, iPods and much more. These items are redeemed using a virtual currency known as ptz.

To earn ptz, you answer daily questions, log in and you play video games. It is very easy to accumulate ptz to get these prizes.

In return, the Lockerz headquarters gains valuable information on how to run the site properly to meet user satisfaction. They have upgraded their servers multiple times and incorporated many elements were which introduced from user feedback; such as a user based advisory council to Lockerz.

Lockerz is one of the greatest success stories in online commerce in the recent years. It has become one of the most popular websites in a short period of time. It's Facebook group grew tremendously and is now sitting at over 120k users.

One of the reasons why Lockerz is so popular is because it is open to the whole world. Many websites are exclusive to North America only whereas Lockerz allows everyone with an internet connection to join.

Lockerz continues to update frequently and they have just released version two of their website interface. This included a new design and a new subdomain for the redemption process. Having a subdomain allows Lockerz to isolate the traffic intended for the redemption process from the main site traffic. This reduces the load on their servers.

Invite only lang po ang site na to mga sir.

So if you want an invite, pm me your email adds. thanks!

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