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 DotA Replay Manager 2.0 Download Links

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PostSubject: DotA Replay Manager 2.0 Download Links   DotA Replay Manager 2.0 Download Links I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 3:43 am

Project page:

Download via mediafire: ?o302s3c1zxy

Dota replay Manager is a very nice and useful tool for analyzing replays of games played on Dota Allstars. You will love this tool after using it!. Now version 2.0 is released you can read the changelog and brief description of this program below!
DRM Features:
Explorer-like replay browser (tree view+list fiew) with functions for copy/paste, delete/rename and creating folders.
Auto-copying new replays (from LastReplay.w3g) and batch copying
Replay search with a lot of options like game name, length, map version, player names and heroes.
Can load replays from internet if filename starts with http:
Player search
Analyzes game lobby screenshots to build a list of players
Builds a list of replays for different heroes
Replay Parsing/Analyzing Features:
Displays game information like date, patch, map, game name, host, saver, length, players, score, winner and observers.
Displays player list with level, buildcost, stats, lane, APM (actions per minute) and leave time.
Colored chat view, probably works with other languages (tested with russian)
Timeline view - displays roughly *estimated* hero movement over time - an animated version of the replay with many features.
Hero builds - skills and items
Action charts - including different action types, group hotkeys used, and APM over time graph.
Gold and experience timeline graphs
Presentation tab - format the replay in plain text mode, forum BB codes or HTML, for example to post a replay in DotA replays forum.
Dota Replay Manger version 2.0 changelogs:
- Major rewrite, the program now reads all DotA data from the map
- Hero kills, tower/rax kills etc. are now shown in game chat
- Added "Use D-A forum icons" in Presentation tab, which forces the program to use dota-allstars
forum icons for heroes (e.g. )
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DotA Replay Manager 2.0 Download Links
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